Estudillo Estates Neighborhood Association (EENA)

The goal of the EENA is to help build community. The EENA provides and promotes programs, services and activities aimed at encouraging connections between neighbors and fostering civic involvement in our diverse community.

Where is Estudillo Estates?

Estudillo Estates is located in San Leandro, California. Click here for a map. There are 1200 homes in our neighborhood. It is an active, established community.

What is the Mission of the Neighborhood Association?

  • To promote and safeguard the common interest of the residents within the area.
  • To develop improvements for our neighborhood and for the betterment of the City of San Leandro.
  • To promote and maintain the general residential character of our community.
  • To encourage and inspire the desire to maintain property values within Estudillo Estates.
  • To promote and maintain an aggressive and progressive spirit of cooperation among the neighborhood residents.
  • To aid and assist in solving particular problems confronting members of our community.
  • To oppose any action or proposed action that would result in detriment to the common good of the residents in the area.


EHOA becomes EENA: We are currently in the process of renaming Estudillo Estates Homeowners Association (EHOA) to Estudillo Estates Neighborhood Association (EENA) to help bring our association in line with our community both from a legal standpoint and from feedback we have heard from within the Neighborhood!

A “Homeowners Association” is a legal entity (according to the State of California at least) which collects money and holds it to be spent on the “common areas” for the “common good” of the community itself. This is seen in condo associations and some planned housing communities where the HOA is responsible for re-roofing, painting, landscape etc.

As members of the Board, we have heard from various people who live here that they want the Association to represent ALL people who live here whether they own, lease or rent their homes. And as a Board, we are hopeful that all who live inside our boundaries will feel free to join the Association and work with us to help Estudillo Estates remain one of the premier locations to live in San Leandro.

While we are processing the change in legal paperwork from EHOA to EENA, please continue to use EHOA as the Payee when writing checks. Watch this site for updates on our process in completing the big name change.



Time to Renew Your EHOA Membership! It’s time again to renew your support to the Estudillo Estates Homeowners Association. Contributions received at this time will provide for membership through June of 2013. It’s just a $20 contribution per household, which funds the activities supported by the association as well as helps out the neighborhood. The EHOA strives to maintain a sense of community with welcome baskets to new neighbors, involvement with city issues, support of our neighborhood schools, hosting events, and serving as a task force to make our city and neighborhood better.

Please send in your $20.00 to support your neighborhood association.

Mail check made payable to EHOA:
P.O. Box 953
San Leandro, CA 94577

OR, you can conveniently pay online via PayPal by clicking this Donate button: